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what’s on the mind of people seeking IAM solutions

Mark Diodati from Burton Group put together an article about what he sees his clients asking about. what surprised me were some of the categories he used. something like “Access Management” is so broad that it acts as a catch all. not surprisingly it gets second place after “Authentication” with 14.4% to authN’s 22.5%. Of course, authN is also pretty broad, but “Access Management” can cover just about every topic relevant to IAM given the chance. to be fair, i’m not sure what you can do about an issue like this. when you’re asking people to classify their comments, there’s only so specific you can get before you confuse or bore.

complaints about methodology aside, there was not much that’s surprising here. a lot of it mirrors our own 7 projects, those tactical goals that are the eggs and juice of the IAM healthy breakfast. If there was any surprise, it was “Federation” at 5.4% and “Authorization and Entitlement Management” at 4.4%. It seems like that’s all IAM folks and many clients want to talk about. But maybe a lot of that buzz got sucked into “Access Management” where it could rightfully belong.

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