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Microsoft & Sentillion – Federation vs. ESSO?

Many are talking about a surprising move by Microsoft, buying Sentillion. The press release doesn’t say it all, that’s for sure. My esteemed colleague, Mr. Shaw, asks some very interesting questions. I think some of the answers are right there in the discussions. More of the tweets I’ve seen so far (as of 2:30pm EST on 12/10/2009) use terms like Microsoft buys a “Healthcare Software” company. And, as @jacksonshaw points out, the acquisition was driven from the haelthcare division at Microsoft. It is entirely possible that the FIM team found out exactly when we did. I doubt this because I’ve always seen Microsoft as being a bit better at internal communications than most vendors their size, but things like that are very common in very large companies.

Also very common in larger firms are duplicate offerings across different business units. And so maybe having more than one provisioning offering is not going to be as painful as it may seem at first blush. After all, how many forms of HR application does Oracle sell right now? And that’s a core piece of corporate plumbing, not just an IT infrastructure component.

I’ve never seen Sentillion outside the healthcare niche, though I’m sure they are to some degree. They always posed the biggest threat when context management (in the CCOW sense) was a big part of the requirements. Most of these healthcare RFPs I’ve seen have been more about context than SSO. So it seems to make sense to me that the healthcare folks at Microsoft would want this in their bag as a way to capture more of their clients’ attention and budget.

My bet is that this is going to stay very healthcare focused – simply due to resources required for transition. Focus is a struggle during any transition. Adding another business unit (IDA) into the mix would be asking for trouble.

And, to finally arrive at the point in the title, the WIF focus has all been on federation. There is a definite tension between ESSO and federation. If you have the problems handled with ESSO, why spend the money and time on getting applications federation ready? So there is likely some tension there that will need some thinking through before making any attempt to glue these offerings together. Though I’d like to be a fly on the wall when someone asks Microsoft if they would support a WIF federation approach or an ESSO approach for a mid sized company if both reps with Sentillion and WIF in their bags are in the same room. That would be a fun few moments of silence…

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