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holiday post: protect your identity while at play & recalling Y2K

Just a quick post to keep up my frequency but not engage too many brain cells. First, as many of us (assuming mainly only other industry wonks are reading this) shift into the role of user over the holidays, I was reminded to make sure we practice what we preach. I cam across a neat little reminder of how easy it is to be tricked when you forget that technology is not magic. I also ran into this comic that reminds one that no matter how careful you are your identity is never as secure as you may think. Child gives away parents' identity

I also can’t help but think of ten years ago this season when the whole world was crazed about Y2K. It’s amazing to recall how much that accelerated technology at the time. There was a mad rush to replace everything. In a way, we’re still living in it’s shadow in the IT of many of the medium to large data centers. That was the last time they had a big “replace everything” rush. Now it seems the green revolution will be the way the next big refresh may happen – unless of course it all disappears into the cloud(s).

I won’t be back until next year. Hope you all have a nice rest between now and then – I know I’m planning to.

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