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Administration of identity & access must level up due to cloud.

First of all, I’ll define what I mean by cloud in 10 words: cloud is outsourcing some layer of services from you infrastructure. This thought comes after meeting a large healthcare organization that’s putting their “back office” operations in an MSP. This is having a significant impact on how they are viewing administration of IT. When you own operations and administration, you can easily blend the two. If you have an administrative issue that would be made easier by shifting something about the operations of your IT resources, you do it. But when operations is a black box, then you actually have to make your administration solve all your challenges. That is new for many.

This organization is putting most of the non-clinical systems in an MSP, or in the cloud if you prefer, and that means there are many IAM challenges. Where do accounts originate? Who controls the authoritative data about users? Because so many clinical and other applications require it, they are keeping much of the directory infrastructure in house. How do changes flow in both directions when there are automated process and human admins and operators on both sides? How can all the changes from both ends be tracked? How can the state, the changes and the policies be kept in line with regulatory requirements? It’s a daunting set of challenges.

Right now they have their hands full just making it all happen. And they have plenty of parties (each site, the central IT organization, various consulting organizations, all the vendors) that are all involved in the project as it’s ongoing. When I sat down with them and many of these parties, it was hard enough just playing catch up to see who was responsible for what. We were there to discuss many of the pains they are experiencing in the phase they are in now and where Quest can help. What I immediately started to envision were the pains of the next phase. I think Quest can help with those, too, but I’m hoping they were receptive to my suggestions about it all. My basic message was that they are going to have to arm their administrators with a new kind of toolset and those administrators were going to have to have a new, leveled up approach. They were going to have to think less like technologists and more like data architects. What will matter most going forward is having very sound and robust models for data, policies and processes. Otherwise they would fall back into old ways of thinking and likely find themselves without the ability to make those level of changes to the MSP hosted systems. Or, even worse, waste time fighting with the MSP to change operational details – a fight where they finance both sides of the battle and take both sides’ losses as well.

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