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SAML joins the IT zombie legions?

I’ve had the privilege to witness many IT funerals. By my reckoning, Mainframes, CORBA, PKI, AS400, NIS+, and countless others are all dead according to the experts. Of course, that means nearly every customer I talk with is overrun with zombies. Because these technologies are still very much alive, or at least undead, in their infrastructures. They are spending tons of money on them. They are maintaining specialized staff to deal with them. And, most importantly of all, they are still running revenue generating platforms on them. Now some of the the venerable folks speaking at CIS2012 want to count SAML among the undead. It’s a sign of the ever increasing pace of IT. SAML, if it’s dead, will be leaving a very handsome corpse. But I think it’s safe to say SAML will be with us for a very long time to come. This meme feels like another flashpoint in the tensions between thought leaders like the list of folks discussing this on twitter (myself included) and the practitioners who have to answer to all the folks in suits who just want to see their needs met. I try to split the difference. It seems to me that the only thing that makes something dead is when people are actively trying to get away from it because they are losing money on it. SAML is nowhere near that. But if dead is defined as not being a destination but rather a landmark in a receding landscape, then maybe it has died. But it’s chasing after us hungry for our budgets and offering being impervious to pain as a trade for that funding, which sounds like some kind of zombie to me. Using SAML will make you impervious to the pain of being so far ahead of the curve there is no good vendor support, impervious to the pain that there are not enough people with talent in your platform that you can’t get things done – or have to pay so much to get things done you may as well not do them, and impervious to the pain of being unable to get what you need done because there aren’t enough working examples of how to do it. Based on what i hear from practitioners, they may like being impervious to all those pains. So the IT zombie legions grow…

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